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Experts In General Crime and Military Law

TriALS prides itself on providing high quality legal representation.

The TriALS legal team has, over a period spanning several decades, covered offence types from acts of violence such as murder, rape, and serious assault to drug offences, serious fraud and regulatory offences to minor motoring violations. We have extensive experience of defending people on military cases ranging from high profile war crimes and historic abuse cases  to the full range of offences associated with civilian courts.

We take pride in being able to use this comprehensive experience to offer relevant and timely support tailored to the client’s individual needs and circumstances.   Our systems have been established to facilitate the provision of this first class service. 

Our aim is to work with our clients to provide them with the legal knowledge and understanding they need to ensure their case is properly defended.  We do this at every stage in the criminal justice process, from the point we are first instructed until the case is completed.

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